Dram Review: Adelphi’s Glenborrodale Batch Release No. 1

[46%・Bottled Circa 2016・8 Years Old・Adelphi’s Bottling・Limited Release]


An appealing nose, pleasant aromas of chocolate powder, gingery spices with a lace of smoke with vintage vibe. The sherry influence is subtle in the background with the main theme being the reinvigorating grain spices along with toffee fudge.

Palate & Finish:

A gorgeous delivery on the palate, chocolate buttons melting on the tastebuds, molten caramel and burnt orange nibs with a ripe mango note. A creamy lolly note with a distant Islay influence coming out on the mid-palate, the syrupy orange liquor note continues to give still, leading towards a soft and malty finish with just a hint of peat smoke.


The art of blended malt/vatted malt seems to have been kept at bay in recent years, but when one can afford to create something out of creativity and integrity rather than feasibility and necessity (this has some first filled sherry matured Glenrothes in it if I remember correctly), it is usually something that fascinates.