Whisky Review: Yamazaki Aged 12 Years

Style: Sweet and Fruity

Velvety, fresh fruits sided with deep, fragrant oak spices and white pepper. Orange and cherry gummies, vanilla and a touch of red licorice. Gentle spices winking, warm, refreshing and balanced aroma.

Deliciously sweet, ripe orange and peach sharpened by dry pepper spices and wood fragrance. Flavour contracts in the middle as zesty edge exposed. White oak, sandalwood – cigar smoke undertone at the back. Finishes with light honey, refined malt syrup, a light red fruits tail.

Soft cherry wine garnished with orange zest. Molasses crossing path with vanillic wood. Reminiscence of peppercorns. Pretty nice.

Sweet whisky with magnificent composure. Almost everyone in town is crazy about Japanese whisky. While the overblown craziness is mostly down to hype but part of it is true – the quality is there. The smoothness of spirit, splendid complexity and balance, the finesse of flavours is incredible. This whisky gives us a good glimpse of the class of Yamazaki.

☆ [Recommended]

[43% • Original Bottling • General Release • *]