Whisky Review: Cragganmore 25 Years Old 2014 Special Release

Style: Fragrant and Complex

Delicate, fragrant mix of aroma on the nose. Massive peach and sticky apricots, milky almonds, both stewed and dried tropical fruits. Subtle walnut oak infused with light chocolate malt. Peppermint sugar and a touch of dry herbal note.

Quiet but a robust diffusion of incense cedar and sandalwood on the palate. Fresh apricots circled around by icy spearmint. Slightly meaty notes roll in while aromatic fruits blossom charmingly. Gentle wood spice, dry malt exposed, vanilla milk on honey oak. The bitterness slowly contracts to leave a light, dry walnut tail.

Velvet fruits continue to stew gently. More peppermint and chocolate going on. Bitter stave and linseed oil sinks deep to finish.

Such a delicate, fragrant and sophisticated malt. What is special here is the balance of this spirit actually elevates the expression to the next level. Look, I don’t want to sound like a Diageo cheerleader here, but after sampling a few special release bottlings, I am starting to see the beauty of these creations. It is about the vattings, the interpretation of house styles, displaying the spirit character by utilizing multiple casks/ cask types. Not to mention that Cragganmore possess one of the most unique spirit in Scotland. Incredible blending skills, magnificent whisky.

☆☆ [Highly Recommended]

[51.4% • 2014 Bottled • 1988 Distilled • Original Bottling • Cask Strength • Non Chill Filtered • Bottle Number: 0372 • 3372 Bottles • **]