Whisky Review: Ardbeg ‘Galileo’ 1999 Aged 13 Years  

Style: Rich and Sweet

Rich, invigorating aroma on the nose. Delicate but solid red fruits underlining the peat and maritime influences while the intensity is amped-up by dry mineral spices. Lovely milk chocolate and Limoncello striding across, while soft tropical fruits walking with mossy steps. Tarry peat smoke. Chilli flakes lightly scattered around for a tingling effect. Vanilla malt immerses into fat toffee and black liquorice to finish.

Round, Ardbeggian sweetness delivered pleasantly onto the palate. A smooth layer of mocha chocolate and toasted almonds coating around the light fruity apricots and sooty peat. Smoky almonds, quite creamy and rich throughout, the texture lightens up a bit towards the end. More black liquorice sinking in, a dab of seaweed and mineral notes in the end.

Mix sweetness of black coffee jelly and grass jelly staying for extra time. More tarry smoke walks through with a hint of vanilla cream.

A double mocha version of Ardbeg. Sweet and creamy with plenty of chocolate wrapping around the clean, sooty fruity core of the spirit. Very rich and satisfying… Every element is playing to the beat and serves a nice purpose. You got to love your Ardbeg with such quality… Fantastic creation!

☆ [Recommended]

[49% • 2012 Bottled • 1999 Distilled • Original Bottling • Non Coloured • Non Chill Filtered • Limited Edition • Aged 13 Years • *]


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