Dram Review: Octomore Edition 02.2 Orpheus

[61.0%・5 Years Old・Bottled Circa 2010・Official Bottling・Limited Release]


Immediately immersive, instantly transforming the setting to a cowshed with a peat fueled campfire burning away in the background.  There is a certain milkiness to it, and a certain madness as well, black forest cake splashed with tar and ink.  Oak splinters, pepper and coal smoke working over time, ferocious but pairing so bloody well with lighter tones of red fruits and dark toffee.  Purely exciting.

Palate & Finish:

An instant gratification with how the peat interacts with the sultana and molasses.  The fiery sensation builds up but at no point becomes punishing.  A rewarding journey as the peat keeps on giving, bringing along some of the more delicate characters that tend to be lost in recent renditions.  It’s mightily enjoyable experiencing how the sweetness, the oak, the barley, the spices and the citrus come together, it’s something I wish I can translate into words..

Thoroughly poised, the finishing encapsulates what a fun ride this has been, the peat carries through, but so do the red fruits and toffee treacle with some added traces of menthol.


Nothing short of phenomenal.

☆☆ [Highly Recommend]