Dram Review: Limeburners Cask Strength Heavy Peat Barrel M225

[61.0%・NAS・Cask No. M225・Official Bottling・Single Cask Release of 183 Bottles]


Dark chocolate, vanilla essence from charred oak staves laced with icing sugar.  Coarse rock salt, quite an oomph of peat smoke providing a perhaps fiery foreshadowing, heavily peated indeed by Australian standards.  Ground flannel seeds as notes of freshly plucked fruits slowly come on.

Palate & Finish:

Orchard fruits with a thick syrupy note, think caramelized banana splashed with even more crumbly brown sugar.  The spices apply a constant pressure with the peat smoke fizzling through out.

The peat continues to press on in the finish, charcoal and burnt barbecue seasoning aided by the presence of lemon peels.


I vaguely remember sampling its sister cask M226 last year, if I remember correctly it wasn’t to my taste.  I was told that this has won a couple of awards.  I then did some browsing, and it would appear that it was in fact the M226 that won all those awards..

Perhaps I just don’t have an Australian palate..


P.S. cheers to Asit for pointing out that the M225 has in fact also been awarded.