Dram Review: Bakery Hill Classic Malt

[46.0%・NAS・Bottled in 2016・Official Bottling・Single Cask Release・Cask No. 4116]


A welcoming aroma from the whisky crumble, grassy in nature, a sound delivery of aromatic molecules leading with orange peels.  Very clean with some lemongrass and ginger cubes coming through in time.

Palate & Finish:

The nose carries through onto the palate, green apples, honey and tree gum, grassy with a healthy dose of cinnamon spices, which unfolds into the familiar notes of caramel and vanilla fudge.

Hints of vanilla fudge and golden honey subtly carry on.


Easy drinking, clean and structurally sound.  One could argue this is not very Australian at all but rather it is spiritually Speyside; perhaps a cousin of BenRiach 10, which is a compliment you don’t quite hear often in this part of the world..