Dram Review: Gordon & MacPhail The Macallan Distilled 1936 70°

[70°・NAS・Gordon & MacPhail Bottling]


Mmm.. aged soy sauce, rather umami indeed.  The creaminess is transcending with the underlying raisin note tiptoeing in, the warming bone broth note gradually surfaces.

Palate & Finish:

Soft cotton like mouthfeel, the presence of the raisins fares more like an armagnac, strawberry jam and seville oranges intertwine to release a fragrant oil that almost masks the earthiness, it grows more indulgent with toffee cubes, dried orange slices alongside an intriguing kiwi note.


Nothing I say really matters in this instance I suppose, this is a Macallan distilled in 1936 and a simple, yet satisfying sherried whisky.  I imagine this is what defines classic.

My best guess is this would have been aged for about 30 years.

☆ [Recommended]