Dram Review: Lark The Revolution Release RR 05

[62.6%・3 Years 3 Months Old・Bottled in 2017・Official Bottling・Single Cask Release]


Cigar burning and oak staves getting charred, sugar crystals turning brown and bubbling.  Hint of cloves, the more lively notes of citrus fruits have been suppressed, quite green still with note of corn syrup.

Palate & Finish:

Vanilla and green apples setting quite a delightful citrus tone followed by the burning sensation from the alcohol, a bit yeasty and doughy before making an earthy turn.

Basic sugar syrup and menthol.


I have long been a skeptic of how well peated new make actually works with a 1st filled Port cask.  This doesn’t feel like the gamble hasn’t paid off, may be using an unpeated malt is the way to go, but I suppose we shall see with the other Revolution Releases…


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