Dram Review: DYC Single Malt Aged 10 Years

[40.0%・10 Years Old・Official Bottling・General Release]


Quite green and quite spirity, industrial with the barley grist and artificial with the butterscotch overloading.  Caramel and shoe box, pre-loved shoes.

Palate & Finish:

Sugary water, toffee diluted with water with quite a new make-esque presence.

A bitter-ish after taste that unfortunately sticks on though it’s weak enough such that it doesn’t do any real damage.  Still, it’s not atrocious.


This whisky evokes fond memories of my formative years, in particular the reasons why I didn’t like “whiskies” at all.  I have been subsequently told that there is a social stigma in Spain against drinking Scotch and well, this is certainly the anti-Scotch, unfortunately though, this is not the worst whisky I have had this year..