Whisky Review: Ardbeg ‘Kelpie’

Style: Lightly Oaky and Peaty

Lemon jam and apricots leading the dance, swiftly followed by a deeper aroma of toasted vanilla bean. Green pine, maritime nicely weaved into it. The peat is on the softer side but it gives a great balancing touch. Sufficiently rich and complex as the elements are nicely integrated with each other, I like it… Finishes with a hint of smoked ham and chocolate eclair.

Sweet lemon tart on the first taste, tarry peat and coffee beans arrive unexpectedly early. Fresh apricots drops in alongside with green peppermints and herbs. Youthful spice refluxes with a bitter bite of dark chocolate. Distant coastal waves, it feels the charred oak carries some texture and weight. Vanilla cream to finish, leaving a light bitter tail.

Soft lemon honey, dying ashes of bonfire wavering in the salty air. A lick of dry peat resides within the burnt oak. Slight herbal end.

Starts off with a graceful nose, lovely balancing act going on here. Then it seems the palate is the place to show the impact of the Russian virgin oak – Bitter wood, coffee grounds, plenty of dry touches around, while the sweetness is reduced to give way to other elements. Probably that’s the intention… When I first tasted the Kelpie Committee Release I wondered if the Black Sea oak is uncharred, and the feeling grows stronger after I have tried this. Anyway, regardless of the marketing spin, it is interesting when there is a theme and you cannot resist but start formulating all sorts of theories… I had good whisky fun! 😉

✓ [Recommended if you like the style/distillery]

[46% • 2017 Bottled • Original Bottling • No Age Statement • Non Chill Filtered • Limited Edition • t]