Dram Review: Dailuaine Fragrances 2001

[45%・15 Years Old・Distilled in 201・Bottled in 2016・Silvano Samaroli Bottling・Cask No. 68・Single Cask Release of 340 bottles]


Freshly plucked red apples and sweet pear nectar.  Plump barley emitting a joyous harvest time vibe, a delicate coating of wax to seal the freshness.  A perfectly comforting nose for those who values tranquility over excitement; mangos and jasmine providing enlightenment and the wild flowers gifting the nose a mesmerising imperfection.

Palate & Finish:

Clean stone fruits with the maltiness initially reserved but growing more robust.  Hint of menthol to go with the silky creaminess as the caramel effortlessly blends in together with the oak.  Orange oil and orange peels give the dram a spark, also lending a bitterness that accentuates the fruits.

Japanese peaches paired with a soft white tea, a brush of hazelnut cream that draws out the natural fragrances from the barley.


A dram that is akin to going vanilla in a relationship, which for those who can appreciate that it is arguably most enjoyable..  it’s plausible that one can really commit to this.