Whisky Review: Tomatin Cù Bòcan Vintage 2005


Style: Fruity and Lightly Peated


Interlude of white vinegar descends into undertone as ripe autumn apples take over on the nose. Faint but consistent peat smoke runs on the edges of spices and combines with the acidity to give a sharp, stimulating touch. Vanilla ice cream and a hint of rice pudding sitting at the bottom with a rather shy malt.


Sweet apples on apple crumble supported by near-elusive peat smoke. Oranges and juicy malt unfolded and shining through nicely in the middle. Honeydew notes emerge overtime, spice remains sharp and focused at the back. A light cereal tail with honey oak.


Peat smoke stains on oak staves, tannins, honey malt biscuits with a touch of summer melons and chocolate pudding to finish.


Tomatin on the ripe fruity side sharpened by rebellious spices. Quite sweet as the malty notes stand out in mid palate. Personally I feel Cu Bocan is a good direction to go, as peat does give an extra coat of flavour and bulk up the body. Nice project and my guess is we will see more Cu Bocan(s) in the future.

[50% • 2016 • Original Bottling • Limited Edition • Non Coloured • Non Chill Filtered • 11400 Bottles • Aged 11 Years • x]