First Impression: Lark The Revolution Release RR 07

[65.00%・3 Years Old・Bottled in 2017・Official Bottling・Single Cask Release]


Thick molasses carrying the musky tone, fermented black tea really getting that pungent aroma across.  Herbal orientated with a sprinkle of minerals, Japanese black sugar with maple syrup glazed walnuts.

Palate & Finish:

Thoroughly indulgent at first with the Port sweetness coming on in an exhilarating manner; the subtly placed peat is overshadowed by notes of glazed strawberries, blueberry syrup and cured prunes.

The oak comes in eventually to dry out the excessive sweetness at a moment that’s just about right, showing good restraint with traces of yoghurt coated sultanas left behind.


A whisky that mostly resembles what the world expects from a Tasmanian whisky: big, bold and highly entertaining.  Some details could use some fine tuning but I am sure the fans won’t mind one bit.