Dram Review: Iniquity Batch No. 006

[46%・NAS・Official Bottling]


Milk chocolate with the tobacco and tan leather notes manifesting a antique vibe. A powdery delivery of raisins that after some time gives way to a gelatine note, crushed mint and basil with just an unpolished edge of spirit coming from the background.

Palate & Finish:

The spiciness is overwhelmingly prominent, cutting through the syrupy nature, milk chocolate together with dried orange slices dripping of burnt molasses. From the mid-palate onwards it grows rather dry with a chalky presence of earthiness, herbal with a bitter aftertaste.


Valiant effort I suppose, not many Australian distilleries would release this as a 46%, which I thought was the right ABV for this batch to be bottled at..


P.S. Thank you Mr. Lawrence for sharing this with me!