You’re Invited: An evening of Kavalans

We are very pleased to officially announce that on 18 May 2017, we will be cracking six rather special offerings from Kavalan distillery in Taiwan.

The line up of the evening is as follows (The pours are ~20ml):

Kavalan Cask S090306002

This is a bottling selected by “Brother Tiger”, a famed figure active at the Hong Kong and Taiwan whisky scenes.  The bottling is nicknamed “Extremely Dark” and to say that is a fair representation is perhaps an understatement.

Kavalan Cask AM100618001A

A Kavalan Amontillado cask.  Its sister casks have been well received by the international whisky community of late and they are certainly some of the highlights of Kavalan’s current corp of offerings.

Kavalan Cask S100203018A

This bottling is specifically bottled for the Nectar, the Belgium based whisky importer/independent bottler, to celebrate their 10th year anniversary.

Kavalan Cask S081217015

This bottling is specifically bottled for La Maison Du Whisky to celebrate the 10th year anniversary of their Singaporean operation.  This was a big hit at Whisky Live Singapore 2016.

Kavalan Cask S100125026A

A recent Whisky Exchange bottling.

Mystery Kavalan Bottling


All will be revealed in due course.
Thank you to World of Whisky Double Bay for providing the venue.  We will kick things off at 6:30 pm.

Please send us an email at for cost info and to reserve you place.

We hope to see you there, until then…

Dram well & be thankful.