Whisky Review: Talisker Neist Point

Style: Sweet and Smoky

Warm, rich almonds with a touch of signature meatiness on the nose. Subtle, dry maritime minerals clinging on the wave of vanilla meringue which is lightly smoked by the peat. Sweet plums painted with caramel sauce, dry black pepper crackling gently. Pleasantly balanced aroma.

Sea breeze riding more on the forefront and link with fruity crème brulee on the palate. More sweet plums. Apricots and ester fruits sitting on top, menthol covering the dry spices and mineral notes hanging on the lower branches. The maritime back bone extends all the way to give a delicate depth. Thinned caramel sauce and almond blossoms with peat smoke, flickering gently towards the end.

Silky, waning sweetness, very solid smoked almonds humming towards the end. Faint fruity peat, soft and tantalizing.

Sweetness? Tick. Richness? Tick. Balance? Tick. Complexity? Tick. Strength? Tick. As if Talisker Neist Point is trying to prove a point for NAS here, and it certainly did. Delicate yet rich and charming. I can easily get a case here and drink this every night for a while. One of the gems you can pick up in the travel retail exclusive category. Quality dram.

☆ (Recommended)

[45.8% • 2015 • Original Bottling • No Age Statement • Travel Retail Exclusive • Limited Edition]