Whisky Review: Glenmorangie Tùsail Private Edition

Style: Malty and Dry spices


Nutmeg and ginger infused firmly with rich, malty sweetness. Lightly smoked barley, vanilla icing sugar and poach pears. Dryness showing in spicy undertone. Cinnamon and orange candies.


A warm caramel coat slowly dissolve on the palate. Again, spices have weaved tightly into the sweet barley dance. Fresh ginger, cinnamon roll stand up against orange and sweet pears. Nice oily mouthfeel, spice burning lightly, barley gradually drier and subtle smoke staying low.


Drier tone and tannins, as if to showcase a taste of bare barley. Sweetness has been pushed back showing a few discrete glimpses of vanilla. Dates emerge very late on.


There is quite a bit of debate how much does barley contributes to the flavour. I have no idea if the Maris Otter barley has contributed to the profile, but the texture feels slightly heavier, and it is also slightly drier with a decent malty Glenmorangie core. To me, all of these point towards the notion of “a Glenmorangie with a touch of Barley”, not sure if that is the true intention, but if it is, you have to admire the amazing blending skill coming out from Glenmorangie.

✓ [Recommended if you like the style/distillery]

[46% • Original Bottling • Non Chill Filtered • No Age Statement • Limited Edition • t]