Whisky Review: Laphroaig “Lore”

Style: Rich and Smoky

A wave of salty sea breeze with distinct iodine scent. Confectionery, hospital bandages wraps around while the sweetness of lemon tart is slowly rolling out. Robust but fragrant peat smoke filling up all the spaces. Limestone water, dry spice roasting gently. Vanilla malt and glimpse of hay stack concealed at the very last row.

A tinge of dry campfire smoke then we have lemon honey arriving onto the palate. Burning wood sticks sizzles in smoky water. Again smoke is everywhere… Sweetness re-emerges from time to time in the form of chocolate marshmallows. Soft peat slowly becomes more evident towards the end. Mineral tone, heading grassy at times when the flavours goes thin. Herbal vanilla tart garnished with a twist of orange citrus.

More smoke (surprised?) lingers. Soft malt sweetness, peat is cleaner than ever when the others are more silent.

In my opinion Laphroaig is quite special when it comes to style. Flavours tuned up and pump in staggering amount of smoke which makes the spirit exceptionally busy and loud. The remarkable part of this is although you have the smoke on crazy steroids, the malt doesn’t seem to drown in it. The flavours and oak influences manages to come through, work in harmony and build complexity. When I look at Laphroaig 18, Quarter Cask and now Lore, I feel the success of Laphroaig lies in the spirit they make, it works really well with or without age statement on the table. A bold, delicious, rich and smoky dram.

☆ [Recommended]

[48% • 2016 • Original Bottling • No Age Statement • Non Chill Filtered • General Release]