Dram Review: Caol Ila Wild & Primitive 1998

[53.4%・18 Years Old・Silvano Samaroli Bottling・Cask 10740]


A soothing wave of peat carries lime essence across, the sea breeze bringing along hint of seaweed, bits of smoked biltong and a sprinkle of sichimi spices.

Palate & Finish:

A voluminous delivery of lemony oiliness that glides and coats the tastebuds effortlessly, a real showstopper. The peat gradually develops, extending the depth; though it is content in reaching a relaxed presence with its wee medicinal earthiness, showing real constraint from a bygone era, revealing what one wishes to experience without forcing on any narrative.


This is one of those rare malts that is seemingly transformative; think going on a stroll on a rainy Sunday morning during spring into a forest where tall, ancient woods grow.. the mist and the humidity in the air, the moist earth and the condensations atop the leaves. Incredible.

☆☆ [Highly Recommended]