Dram Review: Armorik Cask #8014 Exclusively Bottled for the Australian Tour 2017

[56%・10 Years Old・Original Bottling・Limited Release of 250 Bottles]

The Sauternes influence has seemingly received the steroid treatment, sweet grapes and lychees bursting through with the crispness cutting through the presence of toasted oak staves. Fresh pasture and roasted barley with a tinge of matchstick in there but the velvety soft caramel glides in seamlessly to please. The presence of the distillery reveals itself in time with the signature traits of mineral and vegetative notes gradually surfacing.

Palate & Finish:

Sweet and spicy, the oily nature of the dram combines well with the concentrated sweetness of pear jelly, orange peels, mango cubes and cough syrup. The overriding sweetness also draws out the oak, along with the grassy note from the spirit itself.

Malty and gritty in the finish as the sweetness dries out, leaving behind a grainy aftertaste of chewy ground barley and thin smoke; also remaining are traces of lychees, roasted nuts and roasted red tea leaves.


Congratulations Monsieur Daunay on selecting a winner, a cask that oozes of cask influence from the Sauternes… I don’t recall having a whisky with such a prominent Sauternes presence. Armorik continues to be an indie darling, looking forward to seeing more of their offerings coming to our shores!