Dram Review: Hakushu Owner’s Cask 2B 40276

[57%・Distilled in 1992・Bottled in 2011・Original Bottling・Single Cask Release of 253 Bottles]


Wood shaves and glue initially for a moment, but henceforth it rewards with a wood fired toasted marshmallow note that transpires basic happiness.  The sweetness from the fruits has been muted but the freshness has been harnessed, with a brush of woodiness laid overtop.  There are hints of acidic dried prunes with a generous splash of caramelised wood char.

Palate & Finish:

Certainly what one would call a fruit bomb, poached strawberries laced with balsamic, ripe apples and peaches with caramelised banana and popcorn, succulent and thirst quashing with that translucent delivery of cucumber jelly brushed with a fine layer of citrus nectar.  The mellow woodiness provides that juxtaposition and gives weight to the dram alongside the thick vanilla note.

The finishing falls on the vaguer spectrum of things as those sweeter and buttery notes run their natural course.


This is a Hakushu that has been shaped through maturation, it still exhibits those pleasant signature vibes but it certainly comes across as being more mature, more settled down.  It’s a satisfying dram for those who seek the comfort familiarity of quality drams.

 ☆ [Recommended]