Whisky Review: Glenmorangie Companta Private Edition

Style: Sweet and Round


Rich and round red currants decorated with a small pinch of peppermint. Sugar plum and red fruits tart. Sweet aroma with a slight touch of cinnamon sticks. Navel oranges gently shine through from the back. Beautiful sweet nose.


Another rich tide of red fruit sweetness landing nicely on the palate. Soft delivery of ripe cherries and strawberry jam tart. Blood orange candy unveils and fires through with ginger spice. Vanilla slowly emerges from the background and the Glenmorangie malt fully reveals itself. Oak joins in while tannins humming joyfully towards the end.


Entering a more subtle style of red currant and milk chocolate takes the attention. Red fruit cakes and roses to finish.


I enjoyed this very much. The delicate yet unwavering Glenmorangie spirit slipping on a rich red fruits coat makes such a perfect combination. It adds levels of complexity to the profile, gives richness to the texture and polish off the spices. Rich, round, elegant with great balance. A malt brimming with potential.

☆ [Recommended]

[46% • 2014 • Original Bottling • Non Chill Filtered • No Age Statement • Limited Edition • Aged 12 Years • *]