Whisky Review: Komagatake Aged 22 Years

Style: Bright and smooth


Delicate run of dark raisin syrup. Coffee beans, leather and tobacco leaves submerges. Confident layering of malt, orange and vanilla. A rather atypical touch of light corn syrup dipping on top, dark fruits stewing with gentle smoke at the back.


Sweet, ripe cherry fruits flow onto the palate, chocolate eclairs. Light, upbeat jazzy mood you can dance with it. Seamless stitching with multi-layers of flavours. Lovely maltiness flourishing brightly at the middle with a neat citrus zing. Vanilla brushes and finishes with a light orange note.


Roasted almonds dipping in thick grape juice. Lip-smacking sweetness lingers on.


Nicely sherried, although from what I have read it is not the sole vatting component. Cheerful and light-hearted tone, quite a memorable dram as there are not many whiskies which can light up the mood and make you smile. Quality malt and hopefully I can get to try more of their expressions in near future.

☆ [Recommended]

[43% • 2013 • Original Bottling • Limited Edition • 1359 Bottles]