Dram Review: Glenmorangie Bacalta

[46%・Bottled in 2017・NAS・Original Bottling・Limited Release]


The dram opens with a breath of aged balsamic vinegar, the oak has been elegantly laid down.   Hint of salt spray akin to a quiet pier perhaps, once that initial layers peel away, there is the crème caramel note, no doubt from the caramelisation of the wood.  Dried Seville oranges served on salt cured oak, paired with parma ham with a drizzle of minerals atop, half-hidden beneath is that Glenmorangie-esque crisp fruitiness.

Palate & Finish:

A dense drop, the saucy entry is a surprise.  Somewhat of a two-toned delivery with brighter citrus orange note echoing the richer toffee and honeycomb notes below. The sharpness of the orchard fruits comes up on top, bringing about those sweeter white peach jelly note with it.

The gooeyness continues with sugar cured orange slices, crisp pears, ripe mango cubes and a splash of menthol essence, it is a comforting follow through.


With a generous splash of water, the toasted oak characters become quite prominent, the dram feels more rounded with the fragrant mango note forming a bridge to let the more appealing fruitiness through whilst maintaining a luscious body.

Congratulations to Dr. Bill and the Glenmorangie team for yet again successfully engineering a whisky out of the Glenmorangie 10 mould and revamping the flavour profile into something exciting, that to me is an extraordinary feat after seven remarkable releases.  The usage of 250 litre heavily toasted Malmsey Madeira casks feels well tailored for the purpose of amplifying what the casks have to give,  more so on the caramelised wood notes than perhaps on the characters of the Madeira, and the result is a colourful dram that will surely please a lot of people.


Thank you Garth, Jessica, Eliza and the Glenmorangie and EVH teams for putting togetting a great evening.  It’s quite special to dram with Dr. Bill Lumsden, Mr. Brendan McCorran and other guests in Mumbai and Seoul.