Whisky Review: SMWS 66.82 Ardmore ‘Gritty-turned-pretty’


Style: Sherry and Funky


A big sherry wave transforms into toffee, coffee beans and wet flour dough. Mineral peat. Slightly meaty, barbecue pork brushed with honey. Smoke from crackling fireplace with bone dry spices. Vanilla and white chocolate slowly emerges with the malt. Unusual but interesting.


Massive toffee, raisins and chocolate touchdown on the palate. Subtle peat wraps around the funky mineral-infused steam pork bun. Smoke lashes with a powerful whip of spices, trails of ginger zinging. The sherry holds the body, as spontaneous flavours firing randomly, a rather chaotic scene. Light herbal tea towards the end.


Red grapes and black tea on dying embers. More fruits and finishes off with a smoky, herbal jelly.


A three-quarters sherry bomb with a quirky style. Perhaps it is the peculiar combination of flavours, firing spontaneously with no clear structure; It is downright spicy; It looks disjointed at times but somehow managed to gel under the massive sherry. Not sure if it is for everyone but it is definitely one interesting dram.

✓ [Recommended if you like the style/distillery]

[57.5% • 2015 • Independent Bottling • Single Cask • Non Coloured • Non Chill Filtered • Cask Strength • Limited Edition • 606 Bottles • Aged 17 Years • Ex-Sherry Cask]