Whisky Review: The Macallan Cask Strength

Tasting Notes:

The Macallan Cask Strength ☆☆ [Highly Recommended]

Style: Sherry Bomb and Spicy


Sumptuous dark ruby fruits infused seamlessly with syrupy nectar. A hint of black tea. Staggering and rich sherry aroma flooding over but firmly grounded by steel-boned spice, incredible horsepower to lift up such a bulky texture. Haze of malt and blood ranges lightly shrouding the sherry sphere, timber dust suspended around it.


Sweet condensed red fruits breaks free and express itself in a rather surprisingly buoyant fashion. Beautiful heavy sherry notes – ripe dark cherries, red fruits jam and strawberry tart. Chocolate with blotches of blood oranges and vanilla pop up here and there. Profound trail of timber spice torching up at the back. The pulse of rigorous spice is more evident towards the end.


Dried red fruits, especially strawberries lingers with tremoring spice.


Immense, bold, beautiful Macallan we have here. Ultra-dense sherry pulled off with ultra-powerful spice. Absolutely delicious dark fruits sherry notes. Although with a similar DNA, it is a heavier style compared to the others I have come across with. For sherry bomb fans who have a taste for cask strength whiskies, this is certainly your dream dram!

[58.2% • 2000s(?) • Original Bottling • Non Coloured • Non Chill Filtered • No Age Statement • Limited Edition]