Whisky Review: Paul John ‘Edited’ 

Tasting Notes:

Paul John Indian Single Malt Edited☆ [Recommended]

Style: Fruity and Peated


A velvety layer of fresh, raw bananas and reeling smokiness unlids an aromatic, ripe tropical fruits core which sits underneath. Lemon honey drops, fat toffee and a quick slick peanut butter brush around it. Dazzling nutty touch, very nice.


Clean ripe fruits and cocoa notes quickly sweep across the palate. Honeyed barley with a hint of peat rolls in. Gleefully grassy, mouth drying smoke gradually clouding at the back, but the glistening tropical fruits remain unobscured throughout. Spice fires decisively and empowers the flavours. Tingling vanilla mint tail towards the end.


Abiding chocolate mocha with a passionfruit fluff, soft oak and pepper to finish.


Brilliantly crafted structure which can be hardly matched by most whiskies. Layers of flavours unfolding positively with supreme balance. Distinct profile with the fruitiness executed beautifully. Imagine this being matured for another 2-3 years to round off the spice edges and bottled at 48%, we will have a winner no doubt…

[46% • 2013 • Original Bottling • No Age Statement • General Release • Non Chill Filtered]