Whisky Review: Kilchoman Original Cask Strength

Tasting Notes:

Kilchoman Original Cask Strength 2014 ☆ [Recommended]

Style: Lively and Smoky


A big puff of charcoal smoke with a briny bite on the nose. Chilli flakes, towering spices with a touch of grassy notes. The core sits quite deep and unravels at a sluggish pace – quiet floral sweetness, and opens up to lavish honey with smoked cedar wood aroma. Drier undertone with sea salt, mineral notes and earthy peat.


Smoky water, delicious honey layer on top, topped with nice icing sugar sweetness. Raw timber shavings seasoned with white pepper, followed by a massive tropical fructose rush, pineapple and coconut notes blossom extravagantly. Finishes off with roasted walnuts, fresh oak and light vanilla. Peat smoke fuming gently from the back.


Soft peat smoke swaying, light vanilla oak and wonderful pineapple notes with a dash of sea salt gives a lengthy finish.


A lovely malt which showcased the charisma of young Islay characteristics – Powerful, bold, vivid with explicit sweetness. It is rather smoky while the peat is comparatively subtle which brings out the brighter side of the tropical fruits, beautiful. Lively with some nice twist and turns. I like it! (59.2%/2014/CS/NCF/NC/OB)

[59.2% • 2014 • Cask Strength • Non Chill Filtered • Non Coloured • Original Bottling • No Age Statement]