Whisky Review: The Glenrothes 1991 (Bottled in 2012)

Style: Sweet and Spicy


Stewed fruits simmering with a nice blend of vanilla malt. Ginger spice rolls in slowly, rising from the glass at a relaxed pace. Fresh, clear cut and grassy balm running on the nose. A soft mutter of caramel paste contributes a bit of creamy texture to the scent.


Big mouthful of sherry notes to start off the palate. Red grapes pressing lightly with some sweet almonds on the side. Light, but dialled down to a medium-low tone, which welcomes some solid support from the ginger backbone to keep it zippy. The spices reach the heights with sharp and refreshing touches, and also providing some sizzling scorched undertones. Sherry juice meets the malt at the back, topped up with a touch of cream. A sweet ending.


Light chocolate and dates singing with distant dried fruit notes. Soft finish.


Other than it is a rather sherry-ladened whisky, I am quite surprised and impressed how much the spices department does most of the heavy lifting. Playing all parts from bass level to high notes, amplifies the red fruit sweetness and supporting the structure. Probably a bit over-reliant on the spices if you ask me. While I haven’t tried a lot of whiskies, but this type of arrangement is rather rare to me. Interesting, I guess.

[Recommended if you like the style/ distillery]

[43% • 2012 • Original Bottling • Limited Release • 21 Years Old • Quick Impression • t-]


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