Whisky Review: The Macallan 18 Years Old (Youngest distilled in 1986)

Tasting Notes:

The Macallan 18 Years Old (Youngest distilled in 1986) ☆☆

Style: Sherry and Serene


Absolutely beautiful raisins aroma rising from the glass. Sweet red fruits scrupulously knitted with subtle vanilla, honey and chocolate oak. Mild spice illuminates and highlight the sherry tenor charmingly. Soothing, elegant nose.


Perfect delivery on the palate. Juicy raisins amplified by confident, purposeful spices. Chocolate and dignified oak are beautifully weaved into the sherry sweetness. Clean malt singing on mid palate, with coffee and treacle undertones. Calm waves of red fruits going on and on, ends with hints of vanilla and oak.


Sherry sweet fragrance filling up your month. Lovely, fresh red grapes aftertaste with a bit of chocolate and honey. Very very delicious.


Why vintage Macallan is such a big deal? Because it is BLOODY delicious. Not overly complex, but what more can you ask of a sherry whisky? It is one of the most elegant whiskies I have come across so far. Delicious sherry sweetness with impeccable balance, flavours are delicately concocted with such a persistent, soothing flow. Serene, spell binding whisky.

[43% • 2004 • Non Coloured • Original Bottling • Replaced]


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