Whisky Review: The Balvenie Triple Cask Aged 12 Years

Tasting Notes:

The Balvenie Triple Cask Aged 12 Years

Style: Honey and Malty


Nice honeycomb and banana notes bolstered by creamy vanilla and butterscotch on the nose. Light, non-provoking, slightly floral fragrance. Fresh oak shavings with velvety spice. Fruity notes open up slowly and we have sweet pomelo and dried mangoes towards the end.


Hazy honey malt stretching lazily on the first touch. Vanilla with a few drops of butter oil, malty and floral notes conjugate in the middle. Oak and spices busting in quickly, caramel sauce and orange citrus shavings. Malt biscuit undertone.


Barley sugar with bits of vanilla flickering lightly.


A rather light and fuzzy Balvenie to me, as I need to sip more than usual to capture the flavours during my write up. Soft texture highlights the floral and fruity side of Balvenie. Smooth honey and nice oak going on with this dram.

[40%・2015・Original Bottling・Travel Retail Exclusive]