Whisky Review: Ichiro’s Malt Aged 23 Years Cask Strength

Tasting Notes:

Ichiro’s Malt Aged 23 Years Cask Strength ☆

Style: Sweet and Composed


Sweet honey cornflakes aroma, red fruits and flower meadow in touch with an unexpected dash of white vinegar. Fresh peppermint spice fizzes, then we come to see some lively, light-hearted malt.


Beautiful sherry and floral notes entwining and unfolding on the palate. Sweet, elegant delivery. Transition to caramel, gorgeous slice of butter, malt with a hint of tropical fruits goodness. Bright spices tingling softly. Subtle wine treated oak, more chocolate peppermint ice cream as we edge towards finish.


Soft chocolate mousse as mint spices spiking, the sherry malt lingers around nicely.


Splendid sweetness building around the malt. Sophisticated structure delivered with elegance. Sherry notes nicely supported by the strength. Zippy, in a balanced way.

[58%・ Cask Strength・ Non Chilled Filtered・ Non Coloured・ Original Bottling]