Whisky Review: The GlenDronach Aged 18 Years “Allardice”

Style: Deep Sherry and Delicate


Stewed fruits in caramel dip on the nose. Then we have heavy raisins – beautiful Oloroso signature. Vanilla and smoke huffing softly on the side, adding a nice dimension to the aroma. Hints of dark fruits with malty nuttiness.


Delicate touch on the palate. Raisins-floral notes thrive as spices glowing gently behind, smoked eel touches, indistinct flour batter surfacing from time to time. Sweetness converges at one point, a lot of chocolate almonds, honey oat.


Walnut rolls, subtle but deep tone of chocolate and raisins gleaming. Soft and delicate.


While it is a deep tone sherry spirit, the execution is fairly light and agile. Great smoky and vanilla brushes breathe life into the dram. Rather uncommon undertone at play which I think it will polarize opinions on this whisky. But I see no problem for sherry lovers…

[Recommended if you like the style/ distillery]

[46%・2015・Non Coloured・Non Chill Filtered・Original Bottling・General Release・t]