Whisky Review: The Arran Smugglers’ Series Volume I

Tasting Notes:

The Arran Smugglers’ Series Volume I

Style: Sweet and Spicy


Begins with fragrance of ripe mangosteen, sourness of passion fruit, pears and other tropical fruits. Followed by nose-drying ginger spice. Cutting through it, we have some coconut vanilla ice cream. A hint of dryness, probably some smoke? But definitely a faint hiss of peat at the back end.


Delicious sweet and sharp spice on the first touch. A mouthful of vanilla ice cream drizzled with passion fruit sauce. On the side we have some eye-watering mint and ginger spice. The intensity stays high, sharp and at times, incinerating. Tone tunes down after a while and more liquorice and caramel came through. Very soft latte notes towards the end.


Fiery spice growling, diluted malt syrup, soft fruity and creamy notes fuse with the peat to produce a round finish. Soft and subtle ending after the spice burns out.


A quite sweet and quite spicy whisky. I think “ice cream” might be the best word to describe the texture, thickness and sweetness here, such a lovely presentation. You don’t see a lot of whiskies which have this delicate buffering touch at the end of the sweetness! For the spicy part, I enjoy it very much, there is an extra edge and prevent flavours going too dull. But how much spiciness will suffice is a rather subjective thing. Anyways, if you like your whisky sweet and spicy, here is your perfect match!

[56.4%・2015・Non Coloured・Non Chill Filtered・No Age Statement・Cask Strength・Limited Edition・8700 Bottles]


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