Whisky Review: Artist #5 Ledaig Aged 10 Years by La Maison du Whisky 

Style: Sherry bomb and Peaty


Staggering sherry sludge flooding in – thick red fruits, jammy and immensely sweet. Minerals, match box and sand paper notes buried within giving a balancing dry tone. A rather briny core hides in the deep, sea breeze and mossy, hmmm, a hint of salted fish. A sherry curve ball this is.


Red fruits break the viscous shackles and what a delightful oloroso scene we have here. Dynamic flow of strawberry jam, raisin syrup, nectar and caramelized almonds… Absolutely delicious! Matches are struck and boil up the red hot chilli spices which have been holding their breath. Low key earthy peat voicing softly but distinct undertones can be heard.


Provoking spices stay while grape juice teams up with damp peat and smoke to give a true sherried Mull finish.


A funky sherry bomb. Full on Oloroso fireworks with the Mull spirit put up a courageous fight. Yes, it is sulphured, but I do not see it as a fault – in fact, it provides a touch of dryness to counter the overwhelming sweetness which is inevitable in strong first fills. Not everyone like Ledaig but I think it is a very underrated distillery and we have a magnificent cask bottled here.

☆ [Recommended] 

[60.4% • 2015 • Single Cask • Independent Bottling • Cask Strength • Non Coloured • Non Chill Filtered • Limited Edition • Cask Number: 900179]