Whisky Review: The Yamazaki Sherry Cask 2016 Edition


Tasting Notes:

The Yamazaki 山崎 Sherry Cask 2016 Edition ☆

Style: Sherry and Composed


Heavy sherry presence with an alluring balsamic vinegar touch. Light smoke, red fruit notes. Mature oak with a strong hint of tobacco leaves on the lower tone. Burnt caramel, bright cherry and roasted popcorn constitutes the rest of the aroma.


Plum sauce and grated chocolate on the first palate. Well-aged sherry taking the lower branches, giving an enormous undertone of reduced soy sauce, maple syrup, caramel candy and raisins, which is quickly followed by the enthusiastic red fruits combining orange citrus and spice to play a dynamic interlude. Oaky flavours slowly hold up at the back, with the increasing dryness slowly unfolding with a fine brush of maltiness.


Sweet prunes and dark fruits team up with the malt on the finish. The flavours of raisins, nutmeg and chocolate staying overtime and gave a long lasting finish.


Evident that this Yamazaki has a fair share of old (sherry) component in the whisky, in fact, according to the description, there is some 25 year old plus in the mix. While the older side has laid a rock solid sherry foundation, the vibrant side is unleashed, given the freedom and running rampant on the palate. Great sherry juice, a must-have for sherry bomb fans, even more impressive on the interplay between the brighter and lower tones, enhancing the complexity and dynamics of the flavour. Skilfully crafted whisky. Worth the hype? Try it for yourself!


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