Whisky Review: Glenglassaugh 30 Years Old

Tasting Notes:

Glenglassaugh 30 Years Old

Style: Oaky and Dignified


Thick overripe peach fragrance hovering on thirsty malt. Spice, hints of smoke perhaps? Big toffee on this one! Then we have orange peels and cinnamon breathing in some fruitiness. The flavours are slowly rolled into mango-infused, chewy, bitter tea leaves and tobacco leaves. Texture going slightly creamy overtime.


Quite mouth drying, bitter and spice hits together with the malt – tobacco leaves hammering hard on the first touch. Imprisoned cereal and vanilla escaping from its grasp, crossed-path with dark cherries and pomelo oil. Heavy oak lands, a hint of red fruits, tanny and a more bitter note kicks in. You can almost feel the charcoal smoke and burnt barrels at the back.


Sweeter end notes – sugar coated grapefruit skin, and in comes more oranges, mangoes , vanilla, caramel and an occasional raisin touch. Malty notes shining through from time to time.


It is a whisky which massively edges towards oak, bitter fruits and smoke. It masks but doesn’t completely hide the complexity of this whisky. The fun here is you will have to spend time with it, it breaths and unlocks more flavours along the way. Just like digging treasures, you will find highlight after highlights, especially on the nose, it will keep you busy for an hour or so. Have fun!

(44.8%/2015/NCF/Bottle Number: 4534)