Whisky Review: Lark Small Cask Aged Cask Strength

Tasting Notes:

Lark Small Cask Aged Cask Strength

Style: Malty and Spicy


Beneath the cask strength spice lies lemon, honeycomb and egg custard notes. Then it opens up to an ocean deep of malt aroma, so abundant and dense… More creamy honey sweetness, hints of (peat?) smoke and vanilla candle scent burning slowly at the back.


Big lemon and apple honey drop melt on the palate, with raw ginger notes fire up the body. Light creamy buttery texture, then we have a bright, resounding malt dominates and conquers the field. Very dense, very soothing… Slowly all the sweetness is reduced to a delightful balance of light floral and fresh fruity notes. Timber wood teasing a bit towards the end.


Malty finish with a vague stamp of honey, fruits and chocolate. A trail of youthfulness.


A frugal and powerful whisky. While it is not giving any kind of insane complexity by playing with fancy finishes, but what it offers in return is the abundance of maltiness which I enjoy immensely. The malty core of this dram is absolutely solid. A great, humble reminder of what the basics are and I will be looking forward to try the other expressions from this classic Aussie distillery!



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