First Impression: A Few Drams from the Oak Barrel Whisky Fair 2016

Let’s face it, live-blogging at a whisky show is a bad idea… it’s never going to be quite spotted on, but here’s a few of my picks from the first hour of this year’s Oak Barrel Whisky Fair..

  This Dailuaine 22 years old is one of the four bottlings exclusive at the fair, bottled at 2014, it’s really what you want from the distillery, a speyside fruit bomb.

Clean pink lady apples on the nose with a brush of hay straw and vanilla pods, it’s got that teenage dream vibe to it and it’s very attractive.

Rather citrusy on the palate with lime zest and a beautifully alluring lingering crisp beer maltiness coming through. 

Finishing off with the remnant of fresh juicy fruits that make for a lovely summertime dram.

  The Sanaig is the latest Kilchoman expression to land in Australia.

It starts off with a rather refreshing organic milky note with a peppery edge coming on moments later; a powdery delivery with some heather coming through amidst the seaweed driven maritime note.

Crushed orchard fruits seasoned with white sugar, the peat is clean and well controlled; rather complex in a minimalistic manner with hint of lavender coming out.

The sweet peat compliments the floral nature really well.

  The Ben Nevis 11 years old from Adelphi’s Archive series appears to be a consensus pick from the whisky wise men.

Heavy cream on the nose with the signature thickness from the barley well and truly in place, dressed marvellously with vanilla icing, a no-nonsense Ben Nevis through and through.

The buttery custard note on the palate smoothly transitions to crisp apples with stone fruits coming through as well, before ample of spices arriving.

That youthful exuberant ovaltine barley note that continues long into the finish is simply rather delicious.

Now that the Mediocrity Be Damned is finished it’s just bloody beautiful.

Over and out.