Whisky Review: Glenfiddich Aged 30 Years

Style: Orchard Fruits, Dignified and Complex


Elegant aroma diffuses in softly, a beautifully knitted medley of red apples, resins, black tea leaves and caramel notes generate a light, bright but dignified vibe. Dry smoke and white pepper wraps around sweet creamy malt. A nice and complex nose.


A drier than usual introduction on the palate, distant smoke can be quickly detected. Orchard fruits bring in nice cereal malt lightly coated with honey. Then we have even more delightful sweetness from dried apricots and dragées in the middle. A persistent, gentle undertone of aged, dark fruits sherry humming all through the palate nicely. Going tannic with a touch of caramel, but quickly diluted and lifted at the end.


Pink lady red apples whispering happily with honey and dates, throw in a few acorns in the way. A lasting taste of forest fruits.


Signatures of long maturation is pretty evident since the start of this dram, this archaic bass balance nicely against the brighter fruity malts to create great complexity. Beautifully constructed. The flavours have been tremendous at this strength but boy I really wish this can be bottled at 46%…

☆ [Recommended]

[40% • 2005 Bottled • Original Bottling • General Release • Replaced]