Whisky Review: Johnnie Walker Green Label Aged 15 Years


Style: Delicate and Complex


Vanilla cream with brushes of Jasmine flower on the nose. A quick punch of spice lights up the tempo, followed by light-hearted cedar wood and grassy notes unveiling a solid malt at the heart. Drying smoke and white pepper lurking at the bottom of the aroma. A very busy nose.


Suggestive malt then we are brought upon magnificent nectarine notes which triumph on the palate… A savoury moment as the beautiful, clean sweetness come through! Malt beaming brilliantly, and slowly the tone swoops down to a more tannic and bitter peach pit note. Oranges and lemons releasing subtle hints of citrus spice. Finishes up with a bit of honey drizzle and fragrant wood at the end.


Honey vanilla yoghurt spreading over fresh apricots and dried fruits. Soft and delicate.


On the surface it is a light and delicate dram, but when you pay attention you will realise there is a lot going on in it – Not sure if it is because of the nature of blended malts. It has a clean structure with multiple layers, and I love the transition from the signature Linkwood garden fruits notes to the classy Cragganmore maltiness at the core, very delightful and complex! I think there is a good reason why Green Label is adored by many connoisseurs.

✓ [Recommended if you like the style/distillery]

[43% • 2016 • Blended Scotch Malt Whisky  • General Release]