Whisky Review: The Balvenie Double Wood Aged 12 Years

Tasting Notes:

The Balvenie Double Wood Aged 12 Years

Style: Sweet and Creamy


A creamy introduction with nice vanilla ice cream and peppermint sprinkles. The sweetness opens up with a good ten minutes and we have fat butterscotch tiramisu, an adorable flow of maple syrup dripping over. The tone dropped slightly towards the end which almost borders the coffee spectrum. Delicate, creamy nose.


Honey and roasted macadamia notes on first lick. Peppermint butterscotch cake with flashes of dry red fruits in between. Dry, raw spices coming through with a much-evaporated trail of treacle. Buttery texture. Finishes with a chocolate cereal note.


Light vanilla malt, scattered salted caramel pecans and a fair few drops of macadamia oil.


Cannot help wondering what if this is a 43%, or better, a 46% whisky. Very enjoyable cereal, buttery and malty character from the distillery. So silky, rich and creamy. I must confess I have not tried too much of their releases at this stage, but this will end very soon as I am filling in the fan club application right now…