Whisky Review: Highland Park ‘Dark Origins’ 


Style: Sweet Sherry and Delicate


A thick red fruit and raisin notes rolled in with dried chilli flakes on the nose. For an instance very faint scent of matchbox can be detected, slyly hidden beneath. Some smoke and camouflaged mineral-like touches lurking in the mix with spices. A sweet and rather dry nose.


In comes the sherry love! Gorgeous sherry brushes on the palate, grapes, honey, sugar plums and chocolate notes coming through… Really light and smooth! Quite spicy given the abv is only slightly over 46%, the chilli burns and sears at every mouthful. Heavier, tired oaky flavours come in late, together with gentle smoke, vanilla and peat that reminds me that it is and it stays a Highland Park.


Finishes with soft cherry cream, melons, smoke and a very very distant peat. Old oak mixes in and squeezes out an espresso shot, delightful bitter-sweet. Overall a lovely and light finish.


Sweet, light and relaxing whisky but also give you a lot of spice to work with. Elegant (in spite of its dark and rogue name) with a good backbone. The intentions were clear and thus not unnecessarily complex. In case you are wondering, the double first filled sherry casks meant the proportion of first filled sherry matured whisky used is double than that of the core expression Highland Park 12 years old. I must say the sherry expression was a hit, great execution with the sweet juiciness. Nice whisky, decent NAS.

✓ [Recommended if you like the style/distillery]

[46.8% • 2014 • Original Bottling • Non Coloured • No Age Statement • t]


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