First Impression: A Trio Of Glenlossie

Glenlossie is a Diageo-owned distillery located in Speyside, a workhorse for the corporation’s blended products. I must say I have not had a lot of their offerings prior to this weekend, other than through the Scotch Malt Whisky Society, in part because of how little of their new make was destined to be bottled as a single malt.

So I was greatly intrigued when I came across three of them this weekend at Melbourne; and I must say, what a revelation!

Whisky & Alement is the famed destination for whisky nerds to travel to, but in my recent trips down south I have also ‘favourited’ the Carwyn Cellars. Mr. Ben Carwyn’s liquor shop/bar is located about 20 minutes from the Melbourne CBD, and it is also another great spot for the brown liquid. If you are a bourbon fan, this is not the place to miss; it was there where I was pleased to taste this officially released Glenlossie.

There has only been a few of offical bottlings over the years, this 10 year old Flora and Fauna expression released a while ago is probably one that’s still rather attainable.

Clean straw inspired aroma, fresh kiwis and pears to go with the cereal note.

Simple fruit driven sweetness that just has this crispness to it. The light cereal maltiness lays down a good foundation with a slightly oily body; a touch of that bitterness out of green kiwis is in the mix, but it’s balanced well with the return of the malty sweetness and a squeeze of Sunkist oranges.

That crisp, slightly bitter note is simply thirst quashing… a malt that embodies the spirit of Flora & Fauna well..

The guys at Rest & Be Thankful also managed to bottled a Glenlossie cask as well. A relatively young comer (since 2010 I believe) to the independent bottling scene, they have fast become fan favourite and thanks to Mr. Ben Baranow, Mr. Johnny Raph and Ms. Joey Tai, amongst others; their bottlings were featured at the Independent’s Day Whisky Show, the reason why I was at Melbourne this weekend.

Poached fruits and toffee on the nose, fresh apples and other summery fruits one would normally associated with whiskies from that region.

This dram has a polished delivery of fruitiness in the form of white peaches, vanilla and other orchard fruits. It comes with a dose of white oak spices. Rather endearing like its compatriot Nessie, this 18 year old Lossie is flowing and it’s very Speyside.

If you have wandered into a reputable whisky shop lately, it’s likely that you would have noticed Mr. Craig Merson’s the Whisky Company has recently snapped up distribution for the Signatory range, a huge win for the company and whisky fans in Australia. This 22 year old Glenlossie out of the 1992 vintage is just one of the sublime Signatory whiskies that have been brought into Australia and a few pundits at the show considered this the bargain of Independent’s Day.

There is a clean soapy character on the nose at first, it feels very refined. Then comes the familiar apples and fresh citrus fruits, well balanced by the maltiness.

On the palate, it’s sweet and bright from the fruits, with a serve of vanilla custard to compliment. The Lager like maltiness comes on on the mid-palate for a gentle finish that gives an elongated, elegant fragrant sweetness.

It’s everything you could have wanted for a beautiful Spey malt. 

These Lossies have no doubt been the highlights of the trip, and in my opinion they are what made Independent’s Day great, an event with the purpose of showcasing drams that aren’t commonly available to people who don’t normally get to taste them.

Everyone was thrilled like kids getting handed brand new toys for the first time. I was jumping between booths tasting all these different “one-off” releases, many of those I have not come across before, and there’s a good chance I won’t see them again.

Independent’s Day brought whisky lovers together from four corners of the Country, in one venue, united for the love of whiskies and a curiosity that yearns for satisfaction, and in the end we were gifted with memories of experiencing some truly special drams.

Cheers for making this happen!