Port Charlotte PC12 Oileanach Furachail

ABV – 58.3% ☆

Colour: Aged Golden Straw

Nose: Big, Oily and Smoky. It starts out with an oceanic peat smoke, salty Islay air and a mouthful of salt cured pork. There’s some soft sweetness from the sherry influence of fig preserve and blackberries which help to balance out the immense peat. Quite oily too, reminisce of freshly roasted hazelnuts and a touch of lemon oils. The smoke dominates the nasal experience but it’s a rather sweet and gently sort of smoke akin to flaming some fresh nut and citrus oils. Reminds me of very aged Caol ila smoke. You really sense the development here over the previous PC releases and it works wonders with the sherry influence!

Palate: Intense, mouth-watering and really smoky. The initial sip really highlights the sherry sweetness with plenty of dates and chocolate covered sultanas. Then there’s a short respite where you’ll find some wild mountain honey and charred woody notes before the peat and smoke return. The finish really emphasizes the savory marine peaty notes. Hints of Iodine, sweet Jamon Iberico style of cured meats and long trails of smoke from simmering embers.

Thoughts: I really enjoyed this PC release. The extra years and sherry have really balanced this whisky out. It’d still a brash heavyweight style but you sense it’s trying to mellow down. The sherry might be too much for some die hard peat fans but it works just perfectly for me. Closest thing I can link this too…imagine a supercharged Lagavulin 16. Slainte!