Whisky Review: Octomore 10 Years

Tasting Notes:

Bruichladdich Octomore 10 Years

Style: Farmhouse-esque and Complex


Dry hints of haystack and creamy milk for the sweetness. Old timber shed tweaking and  some”organic” peat. Who grew up in a farm? Tones are heavy, low, like a solo cello, solemn but calm… Mr. Jim Murray nailed it, cow shed is the best descriptor here.


The cow shed theme continues on the palate but with more upbeat vanillin fragrance. Honey notes and some soothing sweet malt marches in with stimulating chilli spices. We have a lighter presentation on the palate, the weight lessens, and dry organic notes wanes. Touches of salt and peat smoke strapped at the back seat.


Softens up to release more of the sweet milky notes, with light brushes of brine and oak. Long and Enjoyable.


Heavy, powerful and complex. The interplay between the peat, smoke, vanilla and smoke was exceptional and created such an unique farmhouse profile. Rarely you have Octomores dialed down to a lower strength to unveil their refined side. Less muscular but with much more flair. I took another sip again and for an instance I thought, perhaps 50% might work even better for them.

☆ [Recommended]