Whisky Review: Yoichi 15 Years Old

Tasting Notes:

Yoichi 15 Years Old ☆

Style: Fruity and Smoky


Raw green mango-like sour fruitiness and a hint of sweet liquorice building upon a nice foundation of tender vanilla, honey and malt, such a special set of aromas at the nose! Charred oak and smoked salmon notes can be felt lurking at the rear.


Sweet honey drop with smoky flavours on the palate, followed by vanilla and citrusy orange notes which bring in some fruity fragrance and soft but lively sourness…Spice goes into a mini-burst and burns on the tongue for an instance at the back, freshly roasted coffee beans with smoky steam gives a good kick towards the finish.


The oak, smoke and peat elements synergise to give a dry and ashy, but not offensive bitter finishing. Subtle vanilla and tropical fruits notes roll in to back up and enhance body as well as the flavour.


Yoichi 15 serves up a dazzling and bold profile here! The unique raw fruit tartness gives a fresh and salivating injection to the nose and palate, and brings out more of the full-body sweetness… Then there is the ashy smokiness which is so chewy and savoury, direct coal-firing perhaps? Enjoy!