Whisky Review: Lagavulin Aged 8 Years 

Tasting Notes:

Lagavulin Aged 8 Years

Style: Smoky and Vibrant


The majestic smoke wraps around the vanilla licked honey core, timber log lightly crackling in the fireplace. Dim, smooth and satisfying… Followed by peaty notes with a touch of balsamic vinegar, lightly rubbed with sea breeze. Fruity notes slowly unfold, start with soft lemon citrus, then there are more tropical fruits, pineapple and coconut lifted by vivid white pepper spice.


Pick up from what we have on the nose, white peppered tropical fruits hit in first. Lively and energetic honey coated pineapple leads the charge, tailed by delicate vanilla floral notes. Then again we indulge in the incensed, charred oak smokiness that floods the palate. Honey, malt biscuit in the middle. Gradually the smoke infused into the chocolate with an extra dash of sea salt. Ending with light spice sparkles to give a nice texture.


Delicate finish with the tone slowly dissolve into a Chinese Tie Guan Yin fashion. Smoke lingers, chocolate, oak and more malt biscuits in the mix. Great finish!


A light and vibrant Lagavulin! Stellar smokiness perfectly captured, which I can sit down, contemplate and admire it for hours. It has a strong, spicy and energetic character, when compared to its siblings, Lagavulin 8 has showcased the very best of the youthfulness from this distillery. A wonderful addition to the family!



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