Whisky Review: Bowmore “Tempest” Aged 10 Years Batch VI

Tasting Notes:

Bowmore “Tempest” Aged 10 Years Batch VI

Style: Bright and Feisty


Delicious coconut cream and aromatic tropical fruits big on the nose. Beaming sweetness from freshly sliced pineapples and passionfruit pulp. Maverick spices blitz with white oak notes, opens up a soft layer of sea salt thinly cloaked with a whip of peat smoke. Fruity, malt syrup recovers at the back.


Fragrant tropical fruits and honey sweetness fired up by overloaded spice on the palate. A light brush of vanilla and coastal peat are quickly conquered by crisp kumquat zest and green papaya notes. More oak-y undertone, spices continue the onslaught, leaving scattered touches of spearmint and dry nutty notes. Finishes with subtle, creamy malt.


Faint oak bitterness, grapefruit peels with a drop of honey malt.


Massive, fragrant Bowmore loaded with ramming spice. I like the concept. Great synergy between the what-I-think is a very fragrant spirit and youthful maturation. Subtle coastal influence and peat give a nice balancing touch. Oak component magnifies significantly over multiple sips, shipwrecks after storm perhaps?

(54.9%/2015/NCF/CS/OB/LE/Batch Number 6)